This is a mobile application and landing page for iOS that allows users to find food trucks near them, view a menu, and select items for purchase.


user research


I interviewed a few people who might be interested in getting food during busy times. This made me understand how people are getting lunch and what they wanted for better consuming experiences during that time.

Michael Jones

Male, Age: mid 20’s

He is a construction worker who builds stages for events in San Francisco. Most of the time, he is working outside at various locations. He uses his mobile phone all the time and is not able to access a laptop much. He needs casual, cheap, and quick meals during work.

Lisa Howard

Female, Age: mid 20’s

She has just started to work full-time as HR staff for a start-up company in a suburban area near Silicon Valley. She often uses mobile devices and apps to search for local new trends. She hosts company meetings and events and is always looking for good food catering options.

Eric Wang

Male, Age: early 30’s

He works at a hospital and use laptop computers a lot. During busy times, he needs to get lunch quickly and easily. Sometime he wants to try new or unusual foods besides the hospital cafeteria or the usual restaurants nearby.

Cathy Williams

Female, Age: late 40’s

A busy mom. Most of the time, she drives her kids to school and to many activities. She drives around town a lot and is familiar with many locations. She likes to grab food between destinations to save time, but she also likes to have the option of choosing healthy foods for herself and her family.


rough sketch

Drawing freely on notebook helped me to come up with a good idea for the interface style. I aimed for a style for the user to be able to function with one hand and with finger-tapping. Creating a clear and easy button was the important factor.


black and white

color high fidelity

A/B test

Landing page mockups

The main propose of the landing page is to navigate the user to acquire the app. To create an effective landing page, I needed to know what design makes more conversion rate of users clicking the “Download now” button. I conducted heat map test on the Hero section to see which version of the call to action button would get a higher click rate.

I learned that users don’t click the “Download Now!” button if it’s on the nav bar. However, since this result didn’t tell me which image was better, I used the same test again for whole landing page of different images on the hero section.

Nobody clicked on the “DOWNLOAD NOW!” button on version A. And users seemed to click different sections on B than A.

Finally, I created an InVision clickable prototype and asked users to browse both pages and share feedback about how long it took to click the “DOWNLOAD NOW!” button for each.

I learned that users seem to click the “DOWNLOAD NOW!” button more on B than A. Therefore I have decided to go with version B design.

iOS app

open InVision

Landing Page

open Live Site


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