Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno - Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook
by Patrick Macias and Izumi Evers, 2007, Chronicle Books (Author/ Design)
-Nominated for the American Library Association’s “Books for Reluctant Readers” program, 2007

Otaku In USA - Love & Misunderstanding! The History of Adopted Anime in America!
by Patrick Macias, 2006, Ohta Publishing (Japan) (Author/ Design)

Cruising the Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo-Tokyo
by Patrick Macias and Tomohiro Machiyama, 2004, Stone Bridge Press (Co-author / Design)
-“A subcultural paradise for anyone brought up on Japanese pop culture”, Wired Magazine

Collector File 001: Girls In Pop 2002, Cadence Books (Production / Design)

Collector File 002: Junko Mizuno’s Illustration Book 2002, Cadence Books (Production / Design)

Collector File 003: Yu’s Cutie Dolls 2003, Cadence Books (Production / Design)

TokyoScope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion
by Patrick Macias, 2001, Cadence Books (Author / Design)
-“A serious rediscovery of hidden gems from Japan’s domestic production in the ‘60s and ‘70s” - East Bay Express

Japan Edge: The Insider’s Guide to Japanese Pop Subculture
1999, Cadence Books (Co-author / Design)

Fresh Pulp: Dispatches from the Japanese Pop Culture Front
1999, Cadence Books (Co-author / Design)